Disposit is a startup committed to connecting the dots between waste collectors, recyclers and customers in a very efficient and environmentally friendly and safe way. Our focus currently is on
the safe disposal of plastics, as well as solar PV panels, batteries and other components within the renewable energy space. We also create a seamless second-hand market for these components after the necessary quality and performance checks.

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vision statement

Our vision is to create value to humanity from disposed items.

mission statement

Our mission is to use both digital and traditional means to efficiently connect waste disposers to waste collectors and to create value for both parties, the environment and the economy.

Our Strategy

Clients generally do not know what to do with their solar PV system components after their useful life span. Disposit is an app-based product that efficiently connects the dot between customers
and collection and recycling companies. Customers can make a request for pick-up of their end-of-life products through the Disposit app, and get a Disposit coin, which is equivalent to a percentage of the value of the product.

Our Progress

In 2018, the idea of Disposit was birthed and Disposit app 1.0 was developed. The app had a range of items to be collected from plastics to paper waste. However, the app was not launched
on a website, Android or an iOS store. There was also no visible website for Disposit. In the third quarter of 2022, Disposit bounced back with an improved approach. The team identified the menace of renewable energy components and this has been added to the catalogue of items. Disposit has also launched a website (thankfully you are reading this from the website), registered a business name and has launched a Disposit web app 2.0.